Do you or your company have Mineral Rights or other Oil and Gas Interests? Do you want expert assistance managing them, including getting top dollar cash payment for all, or even a small portion of them?

Gill Royalty is the answer!

Gill Royalty is the most trusted, fair, and reputable buyer of Oil and Gas Interests.Our family has been in the business for over a century, and we are uniquely positioned to partner with your family or company. We buy: Producing Mineral Rights, Non-Producing Mineral Rights, Royalty Interests, Overriding Royalty Interests, Non-Participating Royalty Interests, Term Royalty Interests, Net Profits Interests, Carried Drilling Interests, Non-Operated Working Interests, and other Oil and Gas Interests.

We allow owners to cash out all their future money and get it now. We can get you a sale and cash fast, or work with you over time to explore different options as you make a decision for your family or company. We will get you paid quickly after making your decision, usually within a few business days. We move at your pace. We pay all fees, we prepare all documents. You will have no expenses whether it is right to sell all of your interests or if instead you want to sell just a portion of a single interest. Most people want to sell all of their oil and gas property, but a few sell 50%, or even just 10%. We are excited to be of assistance to any owner in meeting their divestment goals.

Why Sell?