Do you or your company have Mineral Rights or other Oil and Gas Interests? Do you want expert assistance managing them, including getting top dollar cash payment for all, or even a small portion of them?

Gill Royalty is the answer!

Gill Royalty is the most trusted, fair, and reputable buyer of Oil and Gas Interests.Our family has been in the business for over a century, and we are uniquely positioned to partner with your family or company. We buy: Producing Mineral Rights, Non-Producing Mineral Rights, Royalty Interests, Overriding Royalty Interests, Non-Participating Royalty Interests, Term Royalty Interests, Net Profits Interests, Carried Drilling Interests, Non-Operated Working Interests, and other Oil and Gas Interests.

We allow owners to cash out all their future money and get it now. We can get you a sale and cash fast, or work with you over time to explore different options as you make a decision for your family or company. We will get you paid quickly after making your decision, usually within a few business days. We move at your pace. We pay all fees, we prepare all documents. You will have no expenses whether it is right to sell all of your interests or if instead you want to sell just a portion of a single interest. Most people want to sell all of their oil and gas property, but a few sell 50%, or even just 10%. We are excited to be of assistance to any owner in meeting their divestment goals.

Why Sell?

To get rid
of the risk

Oil and Gas Royalties are not reliable. With Oil and Natural Gas prices dropping, and the amount of oil left in the ground declining every month the risk of your monthly check drying up is very real. One thing we all know, eventually every well will go dry. With prices for oil and natural gas falling, many wells are going to close if its operating company is no longer making a profit. The fact is a royalty check could be cut off at any time, and the checks stop. We allow owners to cash out all their future money and get it now. It is estimated that the average shale oil well needs $75 oil and $3.50 natural gas to break even. Older vertical wells may be closed even sooner. The fact is your wells are in increasing danger of being closed and the monthly checks stopping. Oil and gas wells are not dependable. Technical errors, cave-ins, and the loss of pressure means a good well could fail at any time. Why risk losing it all when we can help you get your money now?

Difficult tax

Owning Oil and Gas Interests can complicate your tax returns, increase your property taxes, and expose you to complicated regulations. Not to mention expensive CPA fees and accounting software. With the government threat of carbon (cap-n-trade) trading and other new regulations it is just going to get more complex and expensive. Some people owning a royalty barely break even or lose money when you subtract the accounting expenses, extra taxes, and money spent on regulations. Gill Royalty is the answer. We are familiar with these issues, and can offer more than anyone for your royalties.

To meet financial

We all have times when we just need a little more cash on hand. Whether you need to pay for college, a new home, legal expenses, clear away debt, or just have extra money to enjoy retirement, Gill Royalty is the answer.

The tax advantages
of selling

Oil and gas property is considered capital in most cases. That means lucrative tax rules apply.


When a loved one passes on it can be complicated to split up royalties among many heirs. We can provide a lump sum of cash for the inheritance that each heir can use or invest as they see fit. This saves money dividing the estate, and avoids disagreements among heirs.


Financial advisors suggest diversification of assets. If you have a large amount of Oil and Gas assets, most financial planners suggest selling some portion to preserve your family’s wealth. Gill Royalty can work with you as you make the decision of what percentage of your Royalty is right to divest.

You want your
cash now

A check that comes monthly can be exchanged for a large lump sum of cash right now. We can offer you top dollar. Give us a call at 1-844-GILLOIL and let us surprise and delight you with how much money you can have right now. Why wait months and then years trying to save little monthly checks when you can have all your money right now?