If you have the last two pay stubs, that is enough in most cases. We do not require you to produce the long list of documents as other companies do because our experts can find those documents for you.

We have experts that can draw up the documents to sell just a part of your mineral rights. Gill Royalty provides these normally expensive legal services to you free of charge.

We look forward to discussing your needs and sharing our wisdom collected over several generations if you request it. Please contact us to explore all the opportunities you have. Many owners do not know all the different options available to them.

You have already taken the first step by visiting this website. When you contact us we will go over market values, just like “comps” in the real estate market. We can assure you that you will receive a great offer.

If you refer someone to Gill Royalty who has oil or gas property and we complete a transaction with them, you then qualify for a cash referral bonus when we close. Call us to learn more about participating in this program.

Just like a royalty interest, we can start the process with your last few months check stubs and joint interest billings.

Due to our close relationship with many independent operating companies, we have brokered the sale of operations successfully many times in the past. Give us a call to discuss your asset. Gill Royalty itself does not operate.

Gill Royalty has an extensive industry network and provides the best value for your property.

Gill Royalty will provide document preparation services that are normally expensive free of charge to you that allow you to keep full right to your home, your farm, and the enjoyment and 100% ownership of your land. It is possible to only sell to us the revenue from the oil and/or gas by itself. You keep everything else!

This depends on your property details, if the surface acreage includes the mineral rights then absolutely. Call us and we can discuss it. In some cases just the surface estate is important to oil and gas operations.

In many cases just the last two months check stubs (and if applicable joint billings) will get us started towards your cash offer. If you have no current production, we will need to be able to identify the property. The more documents you have describing the property and your ownership, the quicker we can get you a check. Call us today to start the process.

We are very familiar with division orders and can work with you to maximize the value you get and make sure the oil company got the percentages right.

Absolutely. We can prepare the documents that allow you to sell your interest for the full value and your relative can keep theirs exactly the same. However, if you tell them what a great deal you got they may change their mind!

This depends. The most important step in getting paid quickly is to gather your documentation and contact us via email or toll free call. Gill Royalty needs to complete due diligence on any property we considered, and owners have varying amounts of documentation. After Gill Royalty has completed due diligence and has collected the necessary paperwork most clients are paid within a few business days.

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We offer a free and fair evaluation of mineral rights, royalty interests, and working interests to owners. We can close any transaction within a few business days after agreement is reached.

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We are a family owned and operated business that puts you first. We do not operate with high pressure tactics and quotas like our competitors. We treat each owner as part of our business family.

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We have 7 really good reasons for you to sell your royalties. From avoiding difficult tax compliance's to meeting financial obligations. Come and see why you should sell your royalties.

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